Welcome to 22chan's official fansite!

NEWS: 22chan is KIL. Admin is leaving. Mods intend to resuscitate the site. Gather on livechan

22chan is an imageboard!!!! check it out!@!! 22chan.
But remember to read and respect the rules! And maybe lurk a little, ok? (no u)
this will be like a website were people from 22chan put stuff
Read Da rulez Of the internet here!!! Thanks neocities 2for being so awesome!!! penis

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This is you when browsing 22chen:

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So yeah basically 22chan has Niniba

The /sewers/ is where sewers-chan lives with spider-chan
Some people say they have gangs in there! ANd gators! And gangs of gators! I'd be careful going there if I were you

pic related is me I am humble anon I post things and I do stuff

Im sorry.

Hi, I was just playing around with this and then I accidentally deleted the page )= I am happy that I still had the old version open so I could put it back on. Anyways, heres a dancing cat!!!! Epic fail lolz!


lol, george bush nomming corn

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