Welcome to 22chan's official fansite!

22chan is an imageboard!!!! check it out!@!! 22chan.
But remember to read and respect the rules! And maybe lurk a little, ok? (no u)
this will be like a website were people from 22chan put stuff
Read Da rulez Of the internet here!!! Thanks neocities 2for being so awesome!!! penis

22chan flags

22chan characters

So yeah basically 22chan has Niniba

The /sewers/ is where sewers-chan lives with spider-chan
Some people say they have gangs in there! ANd gators! And gangs of gators! I'd be careful going there if I were you

pic related is me I am humble anon I post things and I do stuff

Im sorry.

Hi, I was just playing around with this and then I accidentally deleted the page )= I am happy that I still had the old version open so I could put it back on. Anyways, heres a dancing cat!!!! Epic fail lolz!


lol, george bush nomming corn

your most favorite pets